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Smart Port Values.


Smart Port Principles

We work together to deliver greater value from our organisation to the supply chain and the communities we serve.  In doing so we have come to value: -

  • People:  We empower our people with the technology and skills to perform meaningful work that enhances our individual and collective performance in a safe and secure environment

  • Collaboration: We collaborate with each other, and with customers, communities, suppliers, partners, industry colleagues, government and academia to advance towards our individual and common goals

  • Culture of Change: We embrace change and seek out the opportunities it brings.  We accept change at all levels - from our business processes to our strategic direction.  We review and adapt regularly to ensure that we are always moving in the right direction

  • Positive Impact: Our individual progress does not come at the expense of others.  We consider the impacts of our actions on our people, collaborators, customers, the environment and the communities we serve

©2022 The Smart Ports Alliance

This declaration may be freely copied and re-used, but only in its entirety. 

The Smart Ports Alliance should be credited in any publication.

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