Smart Port Events

As The Smart Ports Alliance grows, we will be delivering a range of events focusing on the practical aspects of technology delivery in ports and terminals.  You can keep up to date with these events on this page, or download the Smart Ports Alliance app from the App Store and Google Play Store to be notified every time a new event is added.

For events run by The Smart Ports Alliance you can register directly in the events portal, or from the App on your smartphone.


Across the globe, events are hosted throughout the year either discussing the application of technology in the port industry, or concentrating on specific technologies that can add value to ports and terminals.  Although the world is getting back to in-person events, many are adopting a hybrid format to become accessible on a global stage. 


With so many events taking place, it's difficult to keep track of them all, so The Smart Ports Alliance will do that for you.  We'll list these in our events portal, and point you in the right direction, so you never miss an opportunity to get some valuable insights into how technology is being applied around the world.

Would you like to collaborate with The Smart Ports Alliance to host an event?  Do you have an event that you'd like to list in the Smart Port Events portal?  Send an email with the details to to get started. 

Upcoming Events

  • A Beginners Guide to Data Management
    Time is TBD
    Interactive Live Stream
    Join the Smart Ports Alliance and our Special Guest, Caroline Levey of Oceanwise Ltd, to find out why Data Management matters to your business and how your organisation can