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About The Smart Ports Alliance

What is The Smart Ports Alliance and What Does it Do?

The Smart Ports Alliance is a global non-profit membership organisation founded on the Smart Ports Manifesto.

We support people and organisations who explore apply and expand the Smart Port values and principles, applying industry best practice to implement technology in ports and terminals.  In doing so, our members enable better interaction between business and technology providers that creates better outcomes for both, and for the industry.

We undertake a variety of activities to build an inclusive global community that accelerates the pace of digitalisation in the industry and provides value to our members, such as: -

  • A website full of information about Best Practice in the application of technology and business change

  • The first-of-its-kind networking forum dedicated to digitalisation in Ports and Terminals

  • Membership that provides access to valuable resources created by community members

  • Initiatives that address specific areas of interest in the Smart Ports Community and support for Innovation


Origins of The Smart Ports Alliance

After many interactions with Ports and Terminals around the world, our Founder, Kevin Martin, realised that although every port and terminal is interested in using technology to improve profitability, efficiency and sustainability, few were aware of the new technology-focused knowledge and skills required to successfully plan and implement cohesive digitalisation and change projects into their organisation.

In March 2020, Kevin wrote Manifesto: Defining the Smart Port, and shared it with some like-minded individuals who immediately saw the value of sharing this knowledge with the industry to create more successful outcomes for both the users of technology and the technology providers, and in doing so, accelerate the pace of change that will move ports and terminals towards the Industry 4.0 goal while also contributing to UN Sustainability Goals.

Kevin saw the benefit of creating a permanent organisation to disseminate this information, and created The Smart Ports Alliance.  While he considers that he has launched the platform, it is a community resource that must evolve to meet the needs of the community, and while he created a foundational platform, he is excited to see what the community does with it, and supports the development of new ideas, resources and tools to meet their needs.

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