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Port-Log Data Platform


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Quick and easy platform which manages and publishes marine environmental data

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What problem does it solve?

Our clients adopted this solution because they were experiencing challenges with the availability of marine operational data for decision support. Valuable information to support activities such as dredging or pilotage was not consolidated in one place, and users did not always express confidence in the data. As a result, our clients and their service providers were unable to operate to their full potential.

Why will a port use this solution?

Tried, tested, verified and widely used it is reliable, flexible and comes with excellent customer care. Built by marine experts, it is deployed worldwide and is adaptable to almost any marine or coastal environmental monitoring challenge.

Who will use this solution?

Harbour Masters, Marine Managers, VTS Operators, Pilots and Vessel Operators, Hydrographic Surveyors, Dredging Operators, Marine and Coastal Management, Dock and Lock Operatives

Where is this solution being used?

Port of London Authority, Associated British Ports, Cowes Harbour Commission, Port of Waterford, Peel Ports Group, Forth Ports, Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority, RAK Ports, Bangladesh Inland Waterways Association (and many others)

Other information about this solution

Port-Log is a cloud-based data platform (although it can also be installed in-house if required) which gives you the ability to store environmental monitoring data securely and publish it in near real-time or historically on the web – a vital need for many marine organisations and projects where safety and efficiency is paramount. It is an off-the-shelf product, which removes the complex and costly task of acquiring and implementing the technologies needed to collate, process and share multiple data sets. It regularly updated and developed in line with customer feedback and innovation trends.

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