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Network Infrastructure Management


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IT Infrastructure Management

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Short Description:

A cloud-based network management solution providing total visibility and control of all infrastructure and devices.

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What problem does it solve?

Clients adopt this centralised Network Infrastructure Management solution because: -

They do not have clear visibility over a large IT infrastructure connecting many devices across multiple sites.

They are forced to use multiple network and device management tools to manage equipment from multiple manufacturers.

They find it challenging to monitor and maintain the integrity of devices attached to their network, with some devices missing critical software updates or even hosting out-of-date Operating Systems that create security threats on the network.

They have no control over the routes into the network, which can lead to security threats (e.g. lost/stolen devices) and performance issues (e.g. devices accessing and using valuable network bandwidth in operational areas)

The IT team spend many hours applying software updates, security patches, etc - often wasting time travelling to site to maintain individual network assets.

The operational areas suffer from poor performance of business systems caused by a build of of traffic on the network, sometimes due to inappropriate use of business resources (e.g. users watching YouTube)

Why will a port use this solution?

A port would use this solution because it solves all of the challenges above, allowing IT network administrators total control of the network from one single window. The solution mitigates potential security threats from out-of-date software or unwanted access via lost/stolen devices, and ensures that the use of network resources is tightly controlled, restricted to genuine business activities, with performance optimised to prioritise network traffic relating to revenue generating activities.

Once installed and configured, the software significantly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of your network over the lifetime of the relationship by automating routine tasks and freeing up IT resource time and effort that would have been otherwise been spent maintaining the network and attached devices.

This cloud-based solution is easy to integrate with, and has a number of Open API's to support the integration of third party software. It is continually updated with security and firmware updates without any interruption to service, and covered by a 24/7 support package throughout the duration of the licence period.

Who will use this solution?

IT manager, Operations Managers, Port Operations, Harbour Master

Where is this solution being used?

Malta Freeport, Contship Italia, Port of Rotterdam, Gulftainer

Other information about this solution

This solution can also be adapted to present information from many other solutions, including: -

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