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Sustainable Smart Ports.

Smart Port Principles

In recent times, the word "Sustainability" has come to be most commonly associated with the effects of our activity on the natural environment.  All businesses should mitigate their impact on the environment to ensure a long term future.  But what about the other two pillars of business sustainability?  We're talking about people and profit, of course.

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According to Peter Drucker (one of the most widely known and influential thinkers on management), a business is a social group that differs from other social groups in only one way - a business must have customers.  Ports and terminals rely on the performance of people to attract customers.  Like any other business, they must be profitable to survive.


The Smart Port works to effect positive change at a local level.  Collectively, the efforts of Smart Ports contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals designed by the United Nations to advance society, protect the environment and improve global economic prosperity.

To find out how Smart Ports can use technology to achieve business sustainability objectives and support the the journey towards the achievement of these goals and a better global society, download our e-book Manifesto: Defining the Smart Port

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