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Asset Management


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Manage and track marine and land-based asset lifecycles.

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What problem does it solve?

Our customers adopted this system to address multiple challenges that they were experiencing with Asset Management. In some cases, assets were managed in multiple systems with different data structures, with the inconsistency leading to confusion and time consuming effort to consolidate information for reporting purposes. Often, unreliable or invalid data caused compliance issues, with reporting, maintenance and adherence to quality and safety standards all impacted. Information was not easily available to users at the time they needed it, and inefficient processes often required involvement from multiple parties to acquire the data. Clients with no visibility over lifecycle costs were unable to make informed financial decisions about their assets.

Why will a port use this solution?

The tool has been built by marine experts specifically for ports. It is an easy to use, customisable tool that allows you to view, track, share and manage your assets. Versatile and adaptable to your requirements – you can either use it to manage a specific asset such as Aids to Navigation, moorings or buildings or deploy as a full asset management tool bringing all your land-based and marine assets together. The OceanWise system comes with a range of key features built-in such as an interactive map interface, an API and easy integration with your other systems and desktop GIS.

Who will use this solution?

Harbour Master, Marine and Land Asset Manager, Port Engineer, Terminal Operatives, Hydrographic Surveyors, Aid to Navigation Manager, Building and Contents Manager, Vehicles/Transportation Manager

Where is this solution being used?

Peel Ports Group, Portland Port

Other information about this solution

We realise that all organisations are different, so the OceanWise Asset Management System is fully customisable and designed to work for all types of organisations. Whether you are a small harbour, an offshore energy provider or a large Port Group the OceanWise Asset Management System will provide a structured, easy-to-use and methodical system which allows careful management of your assets.

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