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Do you need to measure and monitor a range of environmental conditions in and around your port? Do you know what data you need / have and are you able to manage and share it easily across your organisation?

OceanWise supply a range of applications, services and tools that enable safer and smarter management of marine operations.

About Us

At OceanWise, our vision is to help organisations, with interests in the marine and coastal environment, to realise the benefits that a modern approach to data management and decision support can bring.

We believe data matters, and that poor data management leads to inefficiency, low productivity, and puts operations and projects at risk.
We combine our understanding of marine industries with appropriate emerging technologies and best practices in data management and data governance.

We develop and deliver a range of products and services for those who need to acquire, manage, use, and share marine environmental data:

Our customers enjoy the confidence of working with marine data experts to make their projects and operations:

* Safer and more resilient, with deeper insight and improved decision-making
* Easier to manage, with modern and efficient tools
* Less costly, employing best practice and streamlined processes

We passionately promote the benefits of robust data management and data sharing in the marine and maritime sectors. We actively work and collaborate with national governments, and international bodies and associations, who share our values and aims and who often call on our help.
We are proud to be:

* Independent – we are a privately owned company, independent of any instrument manufacturer or software vendor, and will only recommend solutions that are right for our customers
* Experienced – we have many years of experience of acquiring, processing and using marine data across many different industries; we understand our customer needs and can provide advice and guidance on what data should be obtained, how and when
* Innovative – we keep up to date with current technologies and standards, and are involved in international organisations that develop and promote the use of open standards and systems
* International – we are based in the UK but operate internationally, directly and via our network of Licensed Partners in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas
* Trusted – we are known for building excellent and long-term relationships with our customers, based on being open, friendly and responsive to our customer needs.

We practice good business governance by the continuous development of our staff, and adhering to our business management policies and systems, and regularly review and improve these systems. We now have ISO accreditation in Quality (9001) Environment (14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (45001).

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Port-Log Data Platform

Quick and easy platform which manages and publishes marine environmental data

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Asset Management

Manage and track marine and land-based asset lifecycles.

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Environmental Monitoring

Monitor environmental conditions. Share data easily and efficiently

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