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Would you like to use data for business decision making? 3DEO are expert at turning data into meaningful information that can be consumed easily.

About Us

3DEO has a history of using interactive technology for information delivery. Earth Observation is in our DNA. We started out in satellite applications for defence and aerospace industries.

For a business operating over a large geographic footprint, a large percentage of data has geographic relevance. We present your data in a highly engaging visual format, using online mapping to geo-locate and present it in relation to the source.

By combining multiple data sets from a variety of sources – such as video, sensors, systems, GPS – and presenting it on a single platform, we provide contextual insights to help understand where your business challenges lie, and where your opportunities for improvement are.

Our team have over 50 years combined experience in the ports and maritime environment. We understand the industry and we’re dedicated to working with organisations to advance the use of technology in the sector. Our platform is highly scalable, designed to work for the business and grow with the business as the technological capability evolves.

For organisations who want to use data to optimise their business, our intuitive collaboration platform combines diverse data feeds and presents real-time actionable insights in a visual format to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve strategic decision making.

We empower our customers with the tools to make faster better decisions

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