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Welcome to the Data Academy

On Thursday 2nd February 2023, The Smart Ports Alliance launches the Data Academy. What is it and why should you care?

Data is the perennial topic at every industry event. Industry groups such as the Port Optimisation Task Force, the Digital Container Shipping Association and TIC4.0 work towards standardisation of data and language definitions that will enable organisations to exchange information electronically with clarity. Industry standards are a big step towards digitalisation, but what good are standards if the businesses they are made for aren't able to meet them?

Every organisation - even the biggest and most advanced - experiences challenges with data. If those organisations still struggle with it, what hope is there for the smaller ones just getting started?

Say "Hello!" to the Data Academy.

Data Academy is designed to help ports, terminals and other operators setting out on their data journey. It is a series of short and long-form video content, presentations, interactive discussions and a dedicated channel in the Smart Ports Alliance app, designed to educate, inform, develop common practices and facilitate daily collaboration.

Find out about the things your organisation should be focusing on to build data literacy and competency among your workforce. Engage with industry peers to find out what works and what doesn't work when it comes to implementing good practice.

"This is not sharing data. This is sharing knowledge about data."

This is a voyage we can all take together, and by working together we can reach the destination earlier.

Although the initial Data Academy curriculum has been designed by The Smart Ports Alliance team to help get started, the Alliance is a community resource designed for members and driven by their needs. It is an organisation designed to help individual organisations implement the foundations that lead to the successful adoption of digital technologies, and ultimately to the advancement of digital across the industry.

As the membership progresses in their journey, new and interesting topics will come up for discussion. Members are free to propose new ideas for future events, and collaborate with SPA to share their experiences across the community.

The Smart Ports Alliance Data Academy launch event is free. You can sign up for the event here.

The Data Academy is available to all individual and corporate members of The Smart Ports Alliance. Find out how to join The Smart Ports Alliance here.


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