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Welcome to Portland, a thriving commercial port located on the UK's south coast. The port's close proximity to the English Channel shipping lanes provides an ideal location for vessels both in terms of distance and travel time. The harbour is well protected from the south and south westerly winds, as it shelters behind the Isle of Portland and Chesil Beach, and is circled by an extensive breakwater system which protects it from adverse easterly weather conditions.

Portland Port offers a safe, sheltered and deep harbour which makes it a superb choice for all vessels, from small yachts to some of the largest cruise ships in the world.

Langham Industries took over control of Portland Harbour from the Royal Navy in 1997. Since then the harbour has developed into a thriving commercial port, that handles cruise ships, cargos, bunker vessels and also maintains a strong relationship with the Royal Navy and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

Under the umbrella of the Portland Port Group are two separate entities:

Portland Port Ltd
Portland Harbour Authority Ltd
The port and its tenants are now a major employer within the local economy. Please click here to visit our port tenants page to find out more.

Portland Port is an attractive opportunity to a large variety of businesses. The key features of the port are:

A dock estate of nearly 200 hectares and a marine jurisdiction stretching over 2400 hectares

Over 2000 metres of alongside berths

11.6 metres (C.D) depth of water at the deepest alongside berth

6 designated anchorages in the outer harbour with depths at anchorage of up to 20 metres (C.D)

9 designated anchorages within the inner harbour with depths at anchorage of up to 15 metres (C.D)

Very little beam and draft restriction with width at harbour entrance at 210 metres and depth at 12.4 metres (C.D)

Pilotage and towage available 24/7

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