Port of Moerdijk


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Plaza 3, 4782 SK Moerdijk, Netherlands


+31 168 38 88 88






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Port Facilities

What ties entrepreneurs to the Port of Moerdijk is: room. Moerdijk offers them the room to grow, to expand into new markets, to realise sustainability goals And: to truly choose. To choose for sea or inland shipping, railway shipping, pipelines or transport by road.

The Port of Moerdijk is surprisingly versatile. Over 400 companies do business from the port area, ranging from chemical companies to logistic service providers and manufacturing companies. Having no less than 4 modes of transport at their disposal, you can reach the entire world from Moerdijk.

Each year, about 2,000 ocean-going vessels and 11,500 inland waterway vessels make use of the excellent transshipment and storage facilities at Moerdijk. There are no waiting times at Moerdijk Port and, because of the excellent location and multi-modal transport links, there is no congestion.

Moerdijk Port is important for the community. For the preservation and the growth of employment opportunities. For the vitality and quality of life of the region. At the same time, port activities place a burden on the local environment. The port authority wants to maintain the balance between 'people, planet and profit'. Thus the growth of the port and port-related activities always go hand in hand with investments in the quality of life and in nature. Only in this way can the port grow responsibly.

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