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Professional Support for Technology Providers

What you are about to read is the information that no-one is telling you.  You won't this in any technology conference. 


Digitalisation and Digital Transformation are not the same thing. 


Digitalisation focuses on delivering a more efficient business process enabled by technology.  Digital Transformation reimagines your business model.  Buying new systems does not constitute either of these.


Both activities are high risk, with the potential for blown budgets, delays and boardroom casualties.  Only half of all businesses that attempt digital transformation describe it as successful, and almost every organisation experiences barriers to implementation.  Many cite workforce resistance as a challenge, but some also highlight management resistance.

There's no doubt that Digitalisation and Digital Transformation programmes are hard.  


Success is achievable, but it requires a change of mindset, long term commitment, and a willingness to re-imagine your I&T Operating Model to become an integrated, inward-looking team, engaged with the workforce, and with the right knowledge and skills to execute successful digitalisation programmes.

Legacy IT Operating Model.png
Integrated IT Operating Model.png

The Business-IT relationship needs to change too.  IT need to move from the traditional cost centre (Levels 1-3 in the model below) to a profit centre (Levels 4 and 5) - a trusted partner working with the business, building and maintaining your digital assets to create value for your organisation.

IT Business Relationship Model.png

Image ©BRM Institute

Crucially, once you've done all this, you need to do the detailed preparation and planning BEFORE the process of implementing new systems and technology begins.

The Smart Ports Alliance is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enabling small ports and terminals with the knowledge and skills to get the job done right.  We offer our members a range of insights, events and learning opportunities to help them acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed with digitalisation initiatives. 


The Smart Ports Alliance is not the people behind it.  When you join, you become an integral part of The Smart Ports Alliance - a connected community working together to harness the power of digital technology. 


Our mobile app is the first of its kind in the industry - a tool built to enable conversations, stimulate ideas and create collaborative.

To help members get started, we offer a range of Professional Services .

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