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Resources for Smart Port Practitioners

The Smart Ports Alliance is the worlds first global private members network dedicated to the application of digital technology in ports and terminals.

We empower Smart Port practitioners with real-time networking tools, a knowledge hub, resources, events and more to leverage value from todays digital tools and build the foundations for the future.

Business meeting

Join the Data Academy

Data Academy is a free resource for Smart Ports Alliance Members.  Practical advice, tools and information for organisations looking to get more from their data.


Networking, Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration


Set the right business conditions for successful digital initiatives


C4DTI Digital Trade Conference

Virtual and In-Person:  3rd - 5th April 2023

Helping ports and terminals get started with Digitalisation

Digitalisation is more than buying new systems.  Achieving Industry 4.0 levels of adoption requires a new approach to technology investment, implementation and digital asset management.

Our goal is to empower a connected network of ports and terminals with the knowledge, skills and tools to accelerate the delivery of successful Digitalisation and Business Change.


The Smart Ports Alliance offers a range of kick-start services, designed to help you get under way with digitalisation and change programmes.

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Microsoft 365 Digital Champions

Join industry colleagues on this collaborative programme helping you achieve more with tools you already have

Working Together on Project

Collaboration and Innovation

Bringing Ports, Terminals and technology providers together to develop solutions to new industry challenges

App Developer

Helping new technology providers enter the industry

The Port Industry has already declared its ambitions to reach Industry 4.0 levels of digitalisation, interconnectivity and automation.  It's an exciting time to get involved in an emerging marketplace.


Breaking into a new industry can be hard.  Every industry has its own unique challenges, terminology and ways of working.  

We want to see a diverse marketplace, full of exciting new products and solutions that can make a real difference to industry and global challenges.


We're working on some services to help technology vendors understand the market and the opportunities for better engagement.  More news on that soon.

The Smart Ports Alliance Blog

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Founding Partners

The Smart Ports Alliance is made possible by our early founding partners, who have generously contributed effort and funding to kick-start the platform and enable us to spread our message. 


Learn more about our partners here.


Strategic Partners

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