The Smart Ports Alliance is a global nonprofit member organisation dedicated to promoting the use of technology in the port industry

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The Smart Ports Alliance is a collaborative space where port and terminal operators can share knowledge and experience, or connect with experts to learn about digital technologies, the value and opportunities they can bring, and how to create environments for successful business change.

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Manifesto: Defining the Smart Port

How do you define a Smart Port?

It used to be defined as an automated port that used Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain and other smart technology based methods to improve performance, economic competitiveness and sustainability.

Did the person who created that definition actually consider what challenges these solutions might be solving?  Did they consider that what works for one port might not work for another?  Ports are incredibly diverse.  Each one has its own unique challenges.  If two ports solve the same problem in different ways, which one is the smartest?  


Being a Smart Port is about much more than technology.  It's also about people and processes.  It's about culture and behaviour.  It's about truly understanding the challenge, and coming up with the most appropriate solution.

In 2020, Smart Ports Alliance founder Kevin Martin was asked to consider what made a port smart.  The result was the Smart Ports Manifesto.  A set of four values and eight guiding principles - a mindset that any port, of any size, anywhere can adopt and follow.

Using these values and principles, Kevin has created what he believes to be the ultimate definition of a Smart Port.  A definition that any port can achieve without investing anything other than time and effort.

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Maritime Industry Collaboration

Ports hold a unique position at the intersection of land and sea.  They are the place where actors in different areas of the supply chain come together.  They are influenced by activities and initiatives currently taking place across the wider maritime, road and rail freight industries. 


Successful transformation of the Port industry can only be achieved through collaboration with port users on all sides.  The Smart Ports Alliance welcomes input from all stakeholders as it works to achieve a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable port industry.

That's why we're pleased to be working with Maritime Digital Hub - an international non-profit organisation supporting technology and transformation in the maritime industry.

You can learn more about Maritime Digital Hub here


Why the Smart Ports Alliance?

The Smart Ports Alliance is influenced by other non-profit organisations such as the Agile Alliance and the Scrum Alliance - operated by the community, for the community. 


They are a network of groups populated with industry professionals interested in the topics you care about.  Members work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and experiences and they are dedicated to continuously improving the process of software development. 

Like these nonprofit organisations, The Smart Ports Alliance is dedicated to providing a collaborative forum where ports and technology vendors can come together to learn from each other, share knowledge and experiences, implement the values and principles of the Smart Port Manifesto and advance the use of technology in the Port Industry to deliver the Industry 4.0 vision.

Does your port have the Smart Port Mindset?

There are three fundamental considerations for any digital project - People, Process and Technology.

Preparing your business for change is an essential first step.  People are key to the success of any project or transformation programme.  When the culture of the business is accepting of change, and people are engaged and informed, 

How do you know if your business is ready for change?

Our platform will help you understand how ready you are, and the steps that you can take to prepare your workforce for technology adoption. 


Scientific algorithms evaluate responses to eleven questions from a cross section of employees, and assess the current culture and readiness of the business.  Based on the results, we recommend targeted steps to address culture and skill gaps that will create the best opportunities for successful change.


By continually updating your responses as your culture and capabilities evolve, you can track your progress towards the Smart Port mindset.

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